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I Heard Your Pipes Need To Be Fixed?

by VRHush


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I Heard Your Pipes Need To Be Fixed?

180° 60 FPS
Studio: VRHush
Starring: Diana Grace
May 25, 2020
Positions: leaning, staying
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Nothing is worse than having plumbing issues and having to take time off work to wait on someone to come fix it. Today is different though. Instead of the usual plucky plumbing technician showing up the company sent the fine ass babe Diana Grace to take care of you. You can feel the sexual tension with Diana Grace immediately as she walks through your backyard checking out what the issue could be. It is hard to contain yourself when Diana Grace gets on her back to check below the kitchen sink and lets her skirt glide up her thighs revealing far more than her sexy legs. Diana Grace feels it too. She knows you can see her pussy under her skirt as she works. Besides, she purposefully didn't wear panties to work today. She is horny as fuck and lucked out by getting to work on some stud's house. The plumbing work can wait for now. Its time to satisfy the customer...

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Wowsers. More Diana Grace please. She is of the very few caucasian women that looks graceful with black hair within the industry. Gorgeous natural body as well!
eeriephantom (8 days ago)
@Hybridme  https://www.sexlikereal.com/blog/post/id/82-vr-video-bitrate-explained
SexLikeRealVR (25.05.2020)
@SexLikeRealVR  Thank you, what is the difference between "Original" and not versions of videos?
Hybridme (25.05.2020)
@Hybridme  Fixed
SexLikeRealVR (25.05.2020)
@Hybridme  Checking 
SexLikeRealVR (22.05.2020)
It's 6 min long? that's kinda weird
Hybridme (22.05.2020)
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