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Trophy Wife

by SLR Originals


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200° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
Starring: Hazel Moore
Sep 25, 2023
Positions: leaning, staying
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You're going through a breakup, and it's been kind of rough. Fortunately, your best friend Hazel Moore comes over to spend some time with you to help you heal. She shows up in a skimpy black dress that leaves little to the imagination. You've always thought she was super hot, but she's married to some rich guy, so you thought you never had a chance. That is, until she admits she wants you to fuck her brains out. But, in addition to giving her the dicking she craves, she also wants you to impregnate her. After all, her hubby won't know the difference, and it'll be that much naughtier knowing that she's carrying your offspring instead of his. What do you say? Well, with a gorgeous face and body like that, it's hard to say no. The things we do for our best friends, right?

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