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Warning: This Gets Rough

by perVRt


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Warning: This Gets Rough

180° 60 FPS
Studio: perVRt
Starring: Adel Asanty
Apr 13, 2019
Positions: leaning, staying
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Excellent scene, with some stabilization and a camera mounted close to the guy's eyes, this kind of scene could be the future of vr.
jd00001 (6 days ago)
Gimbal is apparently an obvious solution, but not exactly the solution for what I intend to do in this kind of videos. It would add complication, unreliability and introduce limits that I don't think are worth the gained stability. I'm experimenting with gimbals for the solos though, where I think they make more sense. Again, thanks for the patience while we get to an ideal result. I'd love to have more feedback. I personally can watch all these videos without feeling any sickness or discomfort, but I'm aware this is different for every person, like for VR games or sea sickness. Obviously those that don't have any issues like me are not likely to comment, but their feedback would be very useful too.
thewickedking (14.04.2019)
Thx a lot to the Director explaining the Camera shake and great to read there will be Voxeur and better stabilization ( Gimbal ) in near Future Productions.
Horizon2019 (14.04.2019)
As hinted by the title itself.. this scene features a couple of segments of hard, rough sex. So there is some camera shake, particularly strong for about 5/6 minutes of the total 40. Before getting so many comments about it, I want to say that (with the technology available when it was shot) this kind of video would have been possible only like this. A "voyeur" (third person) version will also be available sometime soon, shot with a fixed camera. Please be patient about it while videos with better stabilization are already being produced.
thewickedking (13.04.2019)
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